Vedic Sadhana Foundation

The Vedic Sadhana Foundation is here to revive the glory of the Vedas and make it accessible to all. We are 80-G approved and a non-profit organization.

We offer a slew of spiritual-tech apps dedicated to improving the mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of today’s youth and busy professionals. Our guided rituals are perfectly placed to cater to the spiritual needs of a digital citizen.

The Sadhana App is our flagship offering.


The Beginner Sadhak

You are curious. You want to begin somewhere, anywhere!

Come on over! We will handhold you through your journey with simple steps.

The Intermediate Sadhak

You have some experience with rituals and mantras. You know how powerful they are. You need help to stick to your discipline.

We understand you! Let us guide you through your Sadhana routine, and put you right back on track.

The Advanced Sadhak

You have performed several Sadhanas and felt their impact. But a guided Sadhana from an authentic Vedic source is not one you are going to pass up!

You are in the right place. Join us for an unbeatable, intense, shared Sadhana experience with fellow Sadhaks!


Designed for the user of today, the Sadhana App combines cutting-edge technology with ancient wisdom. It is home to 10 popular deities in Sanatana Dharma and their sacred residences. 

With guided modules on Japa, Nitya Puja, Abhishekam, Yagya, and Sadhanas, it helps you to:

  • Connect with the Divine in a digital world - where technology meets ancient scripture.

  • Access interactive, guided sacred rituals: anytime, anywhere!

  • Feel the power of sacred Mantras and Vedic practices in the palm of your hand!

Meet Om Swami

Om Swami, the Visionary Founder and Philanthropist behind the Vedic Sadhana Foundation, has dedicated his life to making Vedic teachings accessible to all. A revered monk and spiritual mentor, his profound insights into meditation and mantra sadhana have positively impacted lives globally. Author of 16 best-selling books, his teachings merge ancient wisdom with modern insights, reaching millions worldwide. 

His entrepreneurial spirit has been key in integrating traditional practices with modern technology through the Sadhana App. Under his guidance, the Foundation has evolved into a sanctuary for spiritual learning, connecting India's rich heritage with today’s world. Om Swami states, 'Service is the highest form of spiritual practice, and sharing inner wisdom with humanity is my devotion to Dharma,' reflecting his commitment to spreading Vedic knowledge.

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I would like to thank the VSF team wholeheartedly for taking this enormous effort in organising this event. It was a dream run. Every little aspect was thought through and executed so so so well.

Sharmila Chakraborty, Nav Durga Shivir Participant

Team VSF - Your dedication and passion for this effort is coming through beautifully each day. Thank you all for the hard work!

 Hittaarth Om Bhasin, Nav Durga Shivir Participant

Thank you so much for the initiative, team. It was such a great experience of devotion, habit building and the great blessing of Hanuman ji which we received with this Shivir. Looking forward to many more Shivirs and the fest of Sadhana. Love and Respect to the team!

Vipul Mishra, Hanuman Sadhana Shivir Participant

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